CocosSharp future?

DomiBDomiB Dominique BiesmansBEBeta, University ✭✭


I was wondering, what's on the roadmap for CocosSharp? I notice the activity on the forums has slowed down a lot, and the github repository isn't very active either. Is there really a future for CS? How many of you guys are using this for a commercial project?

I'm about to start a game project, and I'm weighing my options. Is CocosSharp going to cut it, or am I better off building something on Monogame? (Or even non-Xamarin frameworks like cocos2d-x).

Anyone care to share their opinion on this?



  • WitlockWitlock Sander USMember

    I've been wondering the same thing.
    I'm using it for a commercial project, but since CS is putting a lot of attention on mobile for obvious reasons, while I only care about desktop builds there might be something more suited for me.

  • kailuenstaeden.9151kailuenstaeden.9151 kai luenstaeden DEMember

    I am quite happy with it. Unfortunately I dont have any prior experience so I can not compare. But it seems to work well enough to make some decent 2D games :)

  • TomaszWisniewskiTomaszWisniewski Tomasz Wisniewski PLMember

    CocosSharp is working well enough on Android for me (but still has some bugs), however I have more issues with Windows Phone. At the beginning I was hoping that issues will be resolved by Xamarin with time, but seeing that last activity on forum and github by Xamarin team was more than a month ago I came to conclusion that there is no bight future for CocosSharp. If they were interested in CS, there would be at least one person developing it and we would see (almost) daily activity on github. Right now it seems like a very side project.

    I answered some time ago (a few weeks ago, I think) in one thread and my post had to be accepted (I'm not sure why, maybe because of links?). Well, it hasn't been accepted yet. It seems that there's no activity at all from the team on this subforum.

    There's also case of acquisition by Microsoft. There may be some changes in priorities and some projects may be closed. This seems like possible reason for the lack of activity.

    For now I think I will move to Unity3D. CS has too many issues and it doesn't seem like it will change anytime soon. Unity is also not problem-free, but at least there's a huge community ready to help.

  • RamiTabbaraRamiTabbara Rami Tabbara AUMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Hi all,

    Recently, the resources of the team have been spread over a variety of other projects, so we want to apologize in the drop in activity. However we want to assure users that the active development and growth of CocosSharp will continue in the future.

  • Victor.ChelaruVictor.Chelaru Victor Chelaru USMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    To add to Rami's comment, the CocosSharp effort is alive and well. While the commits have currently slowed, the documentation team is working to catch up on all of the awesome features that have been added recently. For example, we've recently added a new game (with full source) called Fruity Falls:

  • MortenNrgaardMortenNrgaard Morten Nørgaard USMember

    That's great to hear. I've just recently picked up cocossharp, and I must say I'm having good fun with it - it seems mature enough for prime time. Minor quirks, but that adds to my dev tastes - working out the work-arounds, make those creative sparks fly. Good to hear you're working on the documentation, there're some old pieces out there - I'm looking at you, cocossharp wiki-pages.
    I'm only sorry I don't have time to spare to contribute :-(

  • jurandjurand Michal Fronczyk PLMember

    Is CocosSharp still well? Despite the assurances, there's still no activity on github. Microsoft recently killed RoboVM, so I'm wondering if CocosSharp is an alternative for multi-platform game development or not.

  • IlledanIlledan Erik Kvanli NOMember ✭✭
    edited April 2016

    Got the same question. Had a publishable game for 2 weeks, but noone helps me with my bug..

  • DomiBDomiB Dominique Biesmans BEBeta, University ✭✭

    Well, I guess the Xamarin guys are busy preparing the Evolve event. On the other hand, their complete silence in this forum could be bad news for CS. I guess priorities are being/have been evaluated since the acquisition bij Microsoft!

    Another option for games based on the Xamarin stack, is using Monogame directly.

  • DomiBDomiB Dominique Biesmans BEBeta, University ✭✭

    Well, I think CocosSharp can/will be even greater if it's pushed a little harder, so I'm looking forward to the next 'spike' :-).

    I thought about looking at SkiaSharp for generating resolution independent graphics on the fly. (at least simple graphics like UI elements, etc....)

  • MidnightCowMidnightCow david gallagher GBMember

    Which Templates do I install/use for VisualStudio 2015? The CocoSharp templates that are available through the Visual Studio Gallery ( ) are dated November 2015 and use the previous 'pre' version, and following the Bouncing Game tutorial for example doesn't work.. Where do I start?

  • MaruMaru Jan Malte Dittmer DEMember ✭✭

    It would be nice to get finally an answer to the "MonoGame" vs. "CocosSharp" question.
    While MonoGame is promoted more than ever through Xamarin, CocosSharp still seems to die slowly but steady...

  • RyanCamarattaRyanCamaratta Ryan Camaratta USMember

    I've heard that MonoGame on PS4 is going to be a thing, is this near future or further down the road? Will CocosSharp have the PS4 as a target platform?

  • JOAOSerraJOAOSerra JOAO Serra PTMember ✭✭

    I'm starting to think i should be investing my time on unity instead

  • DomiBDomiB Dominique Biesmans BEBeta, University ✭✭

    Unity is a completely different beast, and possibly not the best option for mobile 2D games IMHO. Since CocosSharp isn't actively developed at the moment, Monogame might be a good option (CocosSharp is built on top of Monogame), a bit more low level, but giving you all control.

    Of course, CocosSharp is open source, so you can hack away and fix any bugs yourself :-)

  • JOAOSerraJOAOSerra JOAO Serra PTMember ✭✭

    yes, i did try unity 3d i dont really enjoy it very much. i will enjoy it even less for 2d i guess.

    libgdx was awesome too.

    The thing that scares me with cocosharp is the lack of activity and the fact of being some sort of xna on steroids which microsoft decided to kill and now since they own xamarin i wonder... specially with the universal apps.

    Currently i cant even build my game for win8 cause i dont have Hyper-V required for virtual machines

  • VaclavVancuraVaclavVancura Vaclav Vancura CZXamarin Team, Beta
  • VaclavVancuraVaclavVancura Vaclav Vancura CZXamarin Team, Beta
  • MaruMaru Jan Malte Dittmer DEMember ✭✭

    @JOAOSerra said:
    yes, i did try unity 3d i dont really enjoy it very much. i will enjoy it even less for 2d i guess.

    I switched from CocosSharp to Unity after looking into MonoGame vs. Unity.

    While I agree with you that I don't really enjoyed Unity in the beginning because of .NET 2.0, I enjoy all the other stuff like the editor and Assets I can use to make my life easier.

    I was hoping I can use CocosSharp but as it stands now CS has no future and at this point I will probably never use it again since using Unity.

    And it is working great for 2D games. I recommend it highly to you when you don't really want to do low level stuff all the time in MonoGame.

  • iwantchaiiwantchai Ali Jani USMember

    Can we get an update? Its a real shame that this project looks like its dead. no activity now for all of 2016 in github!

    It sure feels like Microsoft is now killing this like they did XNA. Have several projects I was cinsidering CocosSharp for but it looks like I will have to stay with Unity.

    Someone at MS, give us some update on whats going on if you at all care about this project.

  • Rami.TabbaraRami.Tabbara Rami Tabbara AUMember

    Just an update: A dedicated project website will be put up by early next week, which, among other things, will provide an easy way for users and contributors to check out the progress of upcoming releases and will additionally be outlining our long-term road-map for CocosSharp.

  • JOAOSerraJOAOSerra JOAO Serra PTMember ✭✭

    That would be awesome.
    The current projects on the repo need some user/env setup before being set to run.
    I will be glad to see some code to give me a better perception on how i should be structuring my game.

  • iwantchaiiwantchai Ali Jani USMember

    cant wait to see more info on the vision and road ahead.

  • JonJarnJonJarn Jon Jarnsäter SEMember

    In case you didn't notice, the webpage Rami talked about is now up:

  • FangchengSongFangchengSong Fangcheng Song CNMember

    There are some people dislike Unity for its .Net 2.0, so CocosSharp is really attractive.

    We considered using CocosSharp for my new game. We had experiences on LibGdx. But MS killed RoboVM, and even now, LibGdx still lacks a good solution for iOS. So we carefully consider CocosSharp. Xamarin provides easier approach to deploy game to different platform, so we can focus more on our game itself without worrying about someone killing Xamarin.

    To be honest, our new game is still a plan. After watching CocosSharp for half a year, we feel uncertain about the future of CocosSharp. As those guys mentioned before, CocosSharp is very inactive on Github compared to LibGdx. Last commit was on 17 July. XS is still missing add-on plug for CocosSharp templates since it hit 6.0.

    I really like CocosSharp, it's not too hard to learn with C# 6. I know there is something called MonoGame, but it is too low level. If I want to develop a simple game, CocosSharp is better choice.

    So I hope Xamarin or MS pay more attention to CocosSharp. 2D games are still amazing and popular! There should be an option beside Cocos-2D and Unity for simple 2D game development on multi-platform(especially for those C# developers).

  • PeterKrusagerPeterKrusager Peter Krusager DKMember ✭✭

    I would never recommend CocosSharp, especially if Unity is an option. There hasn't been an update for way too long. If you are looking to do anything more then just a small simple game you will run into loads of problems and you definitely have to rewrite and recompile the Source. Getting that to compile though is not always straight forward either.
    It sucks that Unity is only running .Net 2.0 but the community, the development of the framework and the framework itself is so much better. It almost doesn't quantify.

    We are told that CocosSharp is not dead but it sure seems to be.

  • DrJDrJ James Bilitski USMember ✭✭

    I too am very interested in the future of Cocossharp. Could you please just give us honest update? How can we help keep this project alive?

  • Lolo2ParisLolo2Paris Laurent Jordi FRMember

    I'm also interested in this product. We create very fast real time chart, this technology is great especially CocosSharp.Forms (PCL)

  • DrJDrJ James Bilitski USMember ✭✭

    July 2016 was the last activity (commits and forum activity) that I have seen. These are all signs that it is abandoned. I certainly hope that I am wrong.

  • per0per0 Tomislav Petrovic HRMember

    We (my company) had lots of previous experience in both Cocos2d and C# so when we discovered CocosSharp it seemed perfect for us. We are near the end of the development now and it did have a few roadbumps, but everything is working so far.

    The main problem as I see it is the non-existent community. You simply can't quickly get an answer if you are stuck somewhere. You have to sove each problem yourself and that takes time.

    One other thing which is very frustrating is the extremely long iOS build time - it's ok while you can develop in Android and just check the final product on iPhone, but when you get to some native development which needs constant tweaking and rebuilding the few minutes of build time become a major pain in the ass. This is probably a problem with Xamarin, not just CocosSharp.

    CocosSharp seems dead to me, at least for now..

  • ProcogProcog David Sugden GBMember

    I developed this simple game in Cocossharp to test it out. Generally I like Cocossharp but there are a few problems and getting any help on them is very hard.

  • ncallawayncallaway Noah Callaway USMember

    I have to agree. We started a project recently in CocosSharp, and while it seems like enough to get us through this project, but I'm not sure I'd choose it again.

    It really does feel like it's been significantly deprioritized and not getting much activity. I'd love to see another another from the Xamarin/CocosSharp team, especially since the acquisition.

  • JohannineJohannine Johann McChuckles USMember

    This thread was enough to make me register to day I have seen no commits for a year, so I have to choose something else. Nothing against Xamarin. They can only do so much. I'll just look into what else they have available (which I am thankful for, btw).

  • IshThomasIshThomas Ish Thomas USMember

    It's been almost a year since @MigueldeIcaza posted here and nothing changed. Is CocosSharp dying / dead already? Is it a good idea to start a commercial project in CocosSharp?

  • AntakAntak ant Monak DEMember

    @IshThomas said:
    It's been almost a year since @MigueldeIcaza posted here and nothing changed. Is CocosSharp dying / dead already? Is it a good idea to start a commercial project in CocosSharp?

    There is no officially statement about this but unofficially it is dead.
    I started some Projects with CocosSharp and I really do not recommend it.

    And if you want to know why:
    1. No Community there to help you with troubles.
    2. No updates anymore that means no new features.
    3. Bugs on CocosSharp need to be fixed by you too.

    BUT! Xamarin is awesome and you can create games with MonoGame :)

  • TravisBay.7845TravisBay.7845 Travis Bay USMember

    @Antak said:

    @IshThomas said:
    It's been almost a year since @MigueldeIcaza posted here and nothing changed. Is CocosSharp dying / dead already? Is it a good idea to start a commercial project in CocosSharp?

    There is no officially statement about this but unofficially it is dead.
    I started some Projects with CocosSharp and I really do not recommend it.

    And if you want to know why:
    1. No Community there to help you with troubles.
    2. No updates anymore that means no new features.
    3. Bugs on CocosSharp need to be fixed by you too.

    BUT! Xamarin is awesome and you can create games with MonoGame :)

    Yeah, I have noticed there are a lot of problems with CocosSharp help either....such a disappointment.

  • JOAOSerraJOAOSerra JOAO Serra PTMember ✭✭
    edited July 12

    I can't stop wondering about migrating the project to monogame. Has anyone done this? was it hard?

  • DomiBDomiB Dominique Biesmans BEBeta, University ✭✭

    Do you mean : migrating CocosSharp to Monogame (because it's already built on monogame), or migrating any (your?) game to (pure) Monogame?

    This (last) option depends a lot on how complex your game is and how much it's tied to CocosSharp specifics.

  • JOAOSerraJOAOSerra JOAO Serra PTMember ✭✭

    yea i was thinking in removing all cocossharp dependencies, stop using the CC libraries since theres no documentation and no help, at least monogame looks to be more alive than cocossharp

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