Debugger is not starting in a Xamarin.Android project

Hi everyone,

I'm developing a Xamarin application but I cannot start the debugger in Xamarin.Android. What I'm doing is:
1. Start application from Visual Studio, no errors on the console output
2. The application starts fine in the phone (LG G Flex 2 with Android 5.1.1)
3. Console says: "Android application is debugging."
4. After 4-5 seconds the application closes and nothing is shown in the console.

I've already tried several things with no success:
1. Add the android.permission.SET_DEBUG_APP permission in the AndroidManifest.xml
2. Add the android:debuggable="true" in the application tag in the AndroidManifest.xml
3. Several clean&rebuild
4. Several phone reboots
5. Checked .proj file and all debug tags
6. Last try was this:
7. Reinstall Google USB Driver

Don't know if this may be useful, but I've uploaded the device monitor report here:

Even though the console says "Android application is debugging", if I set the "Wait debugger" option in the phone settings, the application starts but the screen is white with a message that says "Waiting for the debugger" or something like that.

I'm thinking it's a phone problem, because I can debug the application (even with breakpoints) inside the emulator, but I can't understand what's wrong with it. The application (without the debugger) starts fine on the phone.

When using Xamarin Studio, the application starts (don't know if the debugger is attached or not) but it's not hitting any breakpoints.

Just in case someone need it, I'm using Visual Studio 2015, latest Android SDK / Xamarin version.

Do you guys have any ideas?

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