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Crossplatform app with MonoGame?


I am new to the whole Xamarin world, and I am working on an app for IOS and Android. The environment is new to me so I hope to be excused for asking noob questions.

The app should contain a business part and a game part, which basically is just two ways of showing the same data using list views or a more graphical "game form". (Moving some sprites around on screen while playing sounds and scrolling a background.)

I have three questions:

1) Is MonoGame the way to go?

2) Can I embed a MonoGame module alongside other Xamarin controls and flip between them?

3) How can I communicate between the two?

I hope that my questions makes sense.

Kind regards and thanx for your time. :)



  • taxfromdktaxfromdk USMember

    Having spent the afternoon exploring, I think Monogame can do the job. I tried deploying the default monogame to IOS and android and it seems to work.

    But if I can have monogame live alongside native controls is still a mystery?

    How they would communicate is also still in the air.

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