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Bundleid not found when app installed on device

GaryBoonGaryBoon GBMember, University

I have an iOS app built in Xcode. I archive and export an .ipa file. The bundle id shown when exporting is (as an example).

When I launch Xamarin Test Recorder it goes through re-siging the app, uninstalling the existing app on the iPhone and re-installs the app. However I get an error message displayed saying:

**Failed to Connect to App

Unable to start application, no application with bundleid was found on the device.**

However, the bundleid Test Recorder says it can't find is the same as the bundleid shown when exporting the app from an archive to the ipa.

The app is installed on the iPhone from Test Recorder as I see the icon disappearing and then re-appearing. The app can be launched as normal on the iPhone, Test Recorder can't launch it due to not locating the app it has just installed for some reason to do with the bundleid?

Has anyone else come across the same problem?

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