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CS0103 Errors from MainPage.xaml.cs when everything is working just fine

nhwillynhwilly USMember ✭✭

Really excited to get started.

  • Monday: First XF project. Going to try the Quick Start.
  • Monday afternoon: Something corrupted the VS XAML designer. Two resets of VS2015 (over 4GLTE no less) and it works. Not sure what happened.
  • Tuesday morning: Installed Virtual Box to make Android emulator tolerable. Had to disable Hyper-V
  • Tuesday afternoon: Tried to run the WinPhone portion of the project. Needs Hyper-V. Re-enabled Hyper-V. Now nothing works.
  • Wednesday morning: Finally have the environment working (no iOS, yet). I had to disable a rogue WinPhone emulator adapter. Then I uninstalled Virtual Box, reinstalled Hyper-V.
  • Wednesday afternoon: Using the VS2015 Android emulator instead of the Xamarin Android emulator. Simultaneously and successfully showing Android, WinPhone, Windows and UWP side by side. Completely pumped.

Now I notice that I'm getting CS0103 errors (see photo) and all the code is working fine. I unloaded everything but the Android and WinPhone projects, I've cleaned the solution, rebuilt it, exited and restarted VS2015, etc.

Any ideas what's happening?


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  • xinmengxinmeng GBMember ✭✭

    This error always occur sometime, and reopen the VS2015, the error will disappear~

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