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HelloWorld WCF operation has timed out

As far as I can tell, I've followed the instructions in the WCF walkthrough precisely and I've also downloaded intel HAXM to make my emulator run faster, but when I clicked "say hello world" within my app, it waits a bit before returning "Operation has timed out". Is there a specific reason for this? Does it have to do with my internet connection or the IP address that I set in the program? Or do I potentially have to configure wifi settings within the emulator?


  • sampenningtonsampennington USMember

    update: after increasing the interval of the timespan from 30 seconds to 1.5 minutes, I did not get the timeout error, but instead the text "System error" is displayed

  • Hi,
    Even I get the same error when I run the Hello World WCF application is there any solution for this problem?

  • Never mind, the firewall on my computer was enabled and preventing the android device that I was using for debugging from communicating with the WCF service. I turned off the firewall and added an exception to the port that the service was running on and works...

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