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How to sign both handheld app and Android wear app from CI server.

hi folks,

We have problems signing an app with an Android Wear extension from the CI (Teamcity - F#). At the moment of building, both .apks are generated correctly:

-- res > raw > wearable_app.apk
-- res > xml > wearable_app_desc.xml

but at the moment of sign it using jarsigner only one .apk is signed (handheld) . The wearable_app.apk isn't signed and is rejected by Google Play store.

We adopted one solution later: open the unsigned handheld.apk, sign the wearable_app.apk and pack it again and sign the handheld.apk. It worked for Google Play store but still users can't see the wearable app.

This is a sample of the script we used:

    // Unpack the unsigned apk
    let unpackArgs = String.Format("d -s -o {0} {1}", basePath, unsignedApk)
    Shell.Exec ("apktool", unpackArgs) |> ignore

     // Sign wearable apk
    let jarsignerArgs = String.Format("-verbose -keystore {0} -storepass {1} {2} {3}", keyStorePath, keyStorePassword, unsignedWearableApk, keyStoreAlias)
    Shell.Exec ("jarsigner", jarsignerArgs) |> ignore

    // Pack solution again
    let packArgs = String.Format("b -o {0} {1}", signedWearableApk, basePath)
    Shell.Exec ("apktool", packArgs) |> ignore

    // Sign whole .apk and finish process
    let apkFileInfo = new FileInfo (signedWearableApk);
    AndroidSignAndAlign (fun defaults ->
        {defaults with
            KeystorePath = keyStorePath
            KeystorePassword = keyStorePassword
            KeystoreAlias = keyStoreAlias
        }) apkFileInfo
    |> ChangeFileName
    |> TeamCityHelper.PublishArtifact

doing the process with Xamarin Studio, everything is signed correctly in one step. Someone for Xamarin could tell us how to do it?
thanks in advance!

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