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"No valid Provisioning Profiles found" even though Bundle IDs match

Hi, I have enrolled in the Apple Developer program. I am able to beta-test through USB on my iPhone, everything's going fine after following the approximately twenty-five pages of instructions, haha. However, I'm stuck right now with the "Sign and Distribute" function with my successfully-built archive.

I am essentially having the exact same problem this guy had (, except I am absolutely 100% sure that the Info.plist information matches my App ID and my AppStore Distribution Provisioning Profile is matched with this Apple ID - yet, when I choose "App Store (save to Disk and open Application Loader)" in the Xamarin distribution tool, I get the message, "No valid Provisioning Profiles found". The application name and bundle identifiers are 100% correct. No idea what else could have gone wrong.

I could post screenshots, but I'm literally just having the same issue as the guy above me, except I'm definitely not doing the same mistake, since everything else besides this distribution tool is working just fine. Checked tons of forum entries, no help.

Running XS 5.10.1 (build 6).
Does 5.10.2 solve this issue?

Any ideas?
Thank you!

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  • OskarLelkoOskarLelko SKMember

    Update: running newest XS (5.10.2, build 56).
    No luck, still.

  • Hi @OskarLelko
    Same problem here, did you fix it ?

  • ArtemUstimovArtemUstimov RUMember ✭✭

    @JorgeWanderSantanaUrena.2443 said:
    Hi @OskarLelko
    Same problem here, did you fix it ?

    Make sure you create the iOS Distribution signing identity. This can be found at Xcode > Preferences > Accounts > View Details

  • @ArtemUstimov said:

    @JorgeWanderSantanaUrena.2443 said:
    Hi @OskarLelko
    Same problem here, did you fix it ?

    Make sure you create the iOS Distribution signing identity. This can be found at Xcode > Preferences > Accounts > View Details

    Fixed. Thanks

  • SinanGkerSinanGker USMember
    edited December 2016

    Hi All,

    I have the same problem while publishing my app to TestFlight. I have enrolled Apple Developer program developed my app everything works fine both in simulator and iPhone device.
    I followed the document Xamarin Dev Docs - Using TestFlight

    In Building_the_Distributable step, Even selected correct Identity and Provisioning Profile from IOS Bundle Signings and can build and archive for both Release | iPhone and AppleStore | iPhone successfully,
    "No valid Provisioning Profiles found" message is shown in IOS Distribution Channel page for all three options "Ad Hoc", "AppStore" and "Enterprise". I have the same issue when I tried in Visual Studio for Mac.

    I can see my Apple ID under Xcode -> Pref
    It has IOS Development Identity created.
    Provisioning profiles are shown under Xcode -> Pref and downloaded to Mac
    Validated with "ITunesconnect Validate" option in Archive page and it says
    "No issues have been found with "my app". "my app" has passed validation and may now be submitted to the App Store
    I have checked bundle Id in Info.plist

    I ve checked lots of "No valid Provisioning Profiles found" titled topics but none of them helps.

    Maybe it gives an idea, my Bundle id is derived from a wild card bundle id and provisioning profile is related with it correctly.

    Running on XS 6.1.2 (build 44) - VS Preview 2(7.0)

    I would appreciate it if someone could help,

  • PieterSoonsPieterSoons NLMember

    I have the same problem it seems.

  • SinanGkerSinanGker USMember

    Hi @PieterSoons,
    I gave up using wildcard bundle id, created a new static bundle id and
    new profile is shown correctly. But I don't know the root cause

  • PieterSoonsPieterSoons NLMember

    I fixed my issue. It turned out the private key belonging to the certificate was missing on my mac. I needed to extract it from the machine it was created on. See Stack Overflow for more info.

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