Using SQLite database file in a Xamarin.Forms app

I found this helpful article by Rob Gibbens:

It addresses exactly the problem I am trying to solve.


This article and the example project that comes with it use references to SQLite.Net packages that are not available in the Official NuGet Gallery anymore.

Would it be possible to achieve the same result as in this example with the sqlite-net-pcl package, recommended in XAM160?


  • AlexanderKolesnikovAlexanderKolesnikov GBUniversity ✭✭

    Figured it out myself.

    I am using the recommended package, and I don't use anything like SQLitePlatformAndroid or SQLitePlatformIOS. I have a path to the database file and then simply follow this example, and XAM160 slides, to establish a connection and to read the data.

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