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Announcing Pillar, a MVVM framework for Xamarin Forms

asimmonasimmon GPMember

Hello everybody,

Pillar is a MVVM framework for Xamarin.Forms 1.x and 2.x that I wrote a few weeks ago. The source code, documention and sample are hosted on its GitHub repository: Pillar is also available on Nuget.

With this framework, you won't have to deal with page navigation or messed up code-behind anymore. Now, it's all about view models, and navigation between view models.

It rely on the battle-tested IOC container Autofac for dependency injection and the famous MvvmLight for basic MVVM features and helper classes.


  • ViewModel navigation, you won't need to manipulate pages in your view models
  • Design your apps with unit testing in mind with dependency injection
  • Flexible, you can use differents patterns: ViewModel first, Messaging, hyvrid ViewModelLocator
  • EventToCommand behavior and useful converters included
  • BindablePicker: provides an ItemsSource and DisplayMemberPath like the ComboBox in WPF
  • TemplatedItemsView repeater, with its DataTemplate selector by item type
  • Not intrusive, you can reuse your view models in other projects (WPF for example) with very few modifications

Give it a try, play with it, fork it, improve it, do whatever you want with it, and I would be pleased!

I hope you guys like it.


Special thanks to Jonathan Yates. It has been a great source of inspiration.

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