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Help: App runs incorrect code on iPad

Hi everyone,

I am developing a Xamarin iOS App. The app works correctly on emulators, but when I try to debug it on the iPad(iOS 9.2), it seems to run completely unrelated code.

For Example:

class Thingy {
string A,
string B,
string C

void doSomething(ref Thingy Thing) {
thing.A = "test1";
thing.B = "test2";
thing.C = "test3";

After running doSomething, Thing will have B="test2" and no defined fields called A or C. There was never a definition of Thingy that contained B but not A, so I'm very confused.

Since I can run everything fine on an emulator, that means that the code is being compiled correctly, but it won't run correctly on the iPad even when the app is removed and reinstalled.

Can anyone give some direction on debugging this issue? Thanks.

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