Why does setting a TableViewCell's border color not work when alpha < 1?

I am trying to set a custom TableViewCell to have a desired border color. If the alpha value of the color is 1, then it works fine and the border displays the correct color. If I set the alpha value to anything < 1, however, the border color will only display for RGB values of 0 or 255 for each. As a result, I am not getting the color I want with the desired transparency. Is there any way around this so that I can have a specific border color with an alpha value < 1?

Here is my code that produces this result:

public override void LayoutSubviews()
    base.LayoutSubviews ();

    CellBackgroundView.Layer.BorderWidth = 3.0f;
    CellBackgroundView.Layer.BorderColor = UIColor.FromRGBA(60, 117, 60, 0.9f).CGColor;
    CellBackgroundView.Layer.MasksToBounds = true;
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