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Xamarin Forms custom view not rendering on real device

I'm developing a cross platform app using Xamarin Forms, where the app has to draw some figures on the screen (e.g rectangles, lines).

For this I used a custom view rendered based on the platform (iOS or Android) to properly draw the figure. I override the Draw method and based on the OS I properly draw the figure. It works on Android and on the iOS simulator but if I try to render any object on an iOS device it doesn't work.

On the device the methods OnElementChanged and Draw are not invoked but they are on the simulator.

I've tried on iPhone 5S and iPhone 6S but on both devices there's no drawing on the screen. I don't if there's something different between the iOS simulator and a real device but I guess that if it works on the simulator it should work on the real device.

I'm using Visual Studio 2015, Xamarin forms 2.0.1

Any ideas? Thanks.

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