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OpenSSL & Sharpie Pod Problem

sizeaksizeak USMember


Has anyone tried using sharpie pod to bind the OpenSSL cocoapod? I thought this would be the easiest way to get OpenSSL, but I'm having a problem with the "sharpie pod bind" step where it says: "error: ThirdParty/CocoaPods/Pods/Pods.xcodeproj target 'Pods' does not have any headers to parse".

I ran these tow commands, which I think are the correct way of installing & binding the pod:
sharpie pod -d ThirdParty/CocoaPods/ init ios OpenSSL
sharpie pod -d ThirdParty/CocoaPods/ bind

Any help would be appreciated, I'm not really sure whats wrong. I tried opening the xcode project and adding a header build phase, to which I added the OpenSSL headers but this doesn't seem to have helped.


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