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Licenses got reset to trial after starting a new trial on a second machine

VioViOVioViO USMember

Hi all,
I have an indie subscription (iOS+Android) that initially activated fine and was working well with my account.
Recently I installed Xamarin studio on a second machine and used the same account on that installation and started a new trial (iOS+Android). After returning to work on my new machine I noticed that Android builds all of a sudden got the trial warning added to them. When I looked at my account window inside XS I saw that both Android and iOS got reset to trial versions.
Going to the my dashboard on the website on the subscription overview for iOS and Android I saw my subscription stated "Monthly Indie" and under computers section I did have both machines registered. So I downloaded the licenses for my first machine again and tried manually resynchronizing the license as per the KB article here, but it always came up showing trial in the account information window inside XS.
I fully uninstalled and reinstalled XS on my first machine including license and settings files and still got into the same state.
I went to my account dashboard, deactivated all the computers, reinstalled everything again on the first machine, connected the my machine to my account and it activated as trial again...
Now when I'm going to the dashboard on the website under downloads I cannot see my indie license files anymore and instead of that I only have a trial licenses for both machines.

Now, there is no actual way to do a proper offline application as the KB article regarding offline activation actually states you need to contact support for that and basically recites the same thing about like the resynchronization KB article. Allowing for this might have helped as it seems the failure started after XS synchronized the license state online and got it wrong.

I'm really at a loss here and I have to deploy an application and cannot do that with the 24 hours limitation of course. I would be happy if anyone can tell me what can one do to rescue the license and get XS to accept my former license.

Thanks in advance for any help.



  • VioViOVioViO USMember

    Well it seems nobody is really interested in reading this thread but for anyone coming here in the future this was resolved by contacting email support and they had the trial licenses eliminated from my account and then XS effectively reset to indie again.

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