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Hello everyone,

We're pleased to announce v0.9.0.2 of Test Recorder, now available in the weekly channel. This latest release introduces support for WaitForElement steps, greatly improves ScrollTo event detection, and fixes a connection bug for physical iOS devices.

Some highlights from this release:

  • WaitForElement Support: Users can now add WaitForElement steps to their tests directly from Test Recorder. WaitForElement steps pause your test until an element matching a query is visible on screen, which is useful for timing your tests and validating that your UI has loaded properly.

    To add a WaitForElement to your test, click the targeting icon while recording your test:


    This switches Test Recorder into WaitFor mode, and freeze the UI of your app while you select an element


    The next element you tap or click on your device will add a WaitFor step that matches that element:


    Like every step in Test Recorder, you can customize the query to get a more precise match.

  • Improved ScrollTo Detection: We've improved the reliability of ScrollTo detection on all platforms, and we've added support for directional ScrollTo steps (e.g., ScrollUpTo and ScrollDownTo).

  • Fixed iOS Device Connection Bugs: This version of Test Recorder fixes a recurring bug that prevented connections with physical iOS devices.

Additionally, v0.9.0.2 includes a number of improvements and fixes, including:

  • Support for UITest 1.3.2
  • Improved Webview support
  • Improved accuracy for iOS queries
  • UI fixes and performance improvements

Current users of Test Recorder should be prompted to update the next time they launch their app. You can also download the latest version of Test Recorder at

As always, we're here to answer any questions you may have.


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