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Debug an Intent when launching app through other app

RogerSchmidlinRogerSchmidlin CHUniversity ✭✭✭

How do I debug the following scenario (app is not running at this time):

1 - Email client opens an attachment (my app has registered for this type)
2 - According to the intent filter my app gets started with passing the attachment file name through the email client

I can't have the app running in Xamarin Debugger, because I want to simulate scenario above. How can I still debug though? Maybe see my debug messages?

My intents get handled properly when the app is already running but not when it gets started. I assume I do get an ActionMain intent instead of ActionView.

Thanks for any help



  • AndrewLAndrewL USMember

    Bump. I need a solution to this same problem, being able to debug into my app when started via a specific intent. The "Easier App Debugging with Xamarin Studio Run Configurations" blog post hints that it was possible to define an intent parameter for starting the app in Xamarin Studio. Is there any similar feature for VS 2015?

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