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Video Ads support in CocosSharp

Hi There...
I am working on a small game and I want to integrate video ads in the project. The challenge I see is the most of the ads providers does not support Xamarin SDK. Vungle, AdColony, Unity Ads, etc provides video content but I don't find any clue on how they work with Xamarin CocosSharp. Quite a few support Cocos2D-x though.

I was reading about how we can bind a java library in the Xamarin project which I guess can be a good start for Android where one can bind the SDK to the Xamarin library since most of them are jar files. Here is link on how to Bind a Java Library.

However I was not able to find anything similar for iOS or may be I haven't yet explored much.

But I wanted to know if there is anyone who ran into same problem and found a way around it.


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