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Xamarin Developer Showdown - Entries

DarbioDarbio AUMember

Morning all!

Congratulations to the winners of the first ShowDown - the videos which Xamarin posted on their blog look pretty neat (I've now got to work out a way to get work to buy me a Sphero!)..

Talking on IRC earlier on with a couple of the guys, whilst we have seen what won the competition, it would also be interesting to see what other ideas people came up with.

I entered a FDI (Fire Danger Index) Calculator, video here:

Whilst it didn't win the competition, it's being used by the local fire brigade here in Australia so I'm happy :-)

What other apps did people enter? What are your plans with these apps?


  • MintMint SEMember

    Neat idea!

    I submitted an iPad app where you input a location and/or a query to Twitter, and the app will connect to Twitter and in real time display photos that people from around the world link to in tweets matching it. The app is actually a whole lot more complicated than it sounds, really! ;)

    Unfortunately to make the deadline (before it got extended, grrrlm ;) the video was literally a last minute thing and isn't exactly Spielberg quality or do the app justice, but at least it's pretty short!

    [I have no idea how to embed stuff] :

    I've no idea if I'll open source it or do anything else with my app now, right now it's just fun having it on display in the window with a "post an image to twitter with [this hashtag] to add your photo to the loop", and I'm quite happy with that. That, and seeing what people are eating right now in Tokyo. Weird.

  • DarbioDarbio AUMember

    Very cool! I'm also going to open source my app (when I get around to it).

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