Game is done. Publishing this weekend. Anyone want to test it?

So, I am finally done. Well, going to add some game boards, but other then that, I am done.

The only thing I could not get working is the Android Finish() on the back button (see other post about SpriteFonts screwing up).

Greed II is a board game (puzzle).

I have an Android build up and available for download. Just go to : and click the Greed II link.

If you only have an iOS device, I can add you to TestFlight. Send me an email at [email protected]

I would appreciate any feedback.

Guess I need to actually create a real web site now!.



  • WitlockWitlock USMember

    Tried it on HTC One M8 and it was fun. Didn't read the instructions before playing so almost lost to the AI, but made an impressive comeback.
    I liked it and didn't encounter any obvious bugs.

  • BenLevy.4265BenLevy.4265 USMember ✭✭


    Thanks. Greed II is published on both iTunes and Google Play.

    Almost everyone gets there their asses kicked until they figure out the general strategy.

  • WitlockWitlock USMember

    Today after AI made the last move of the game to the last available box I lost and the app crashed.

  • BenLevy.4265BenLevy.4265 USMember ✭✭


    Thanks for letting me know. Were you using the production build. (iOS or Android?).

    That is the first I have heard of the app crashing. Did it crash immediately or was there a bit of a delay? I do have a semaphore that is used to wait for the stone to finish it's move before showing the game over dialog.

    Any info will be helpful. You can email me at [email protected]

    Really appreciate the feedback.

  • WitlockWitlock USMember

    Android version, downloaded from the store yesterday.
    I think it happened immediately after his stone reached the rectangle and the "game over" dialog was supposed to be shown, but it never got that far.

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