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Is it ok to use ThreadPool.QueueUser....... on the Android side of things?

The code was fine until I ran the App on a new server build and router. Could be either that is causing such a delay but it opened up a new issue in the code I'm working with. Should I always use the ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem for running work on a separate thread or should I be using more Android type code such as java Runnable interface with a Thread object. I say this because now I am seeing a massive delay when trying to not block the UI such as when calling for a ViewModelChange. It seems under these new circumstances this isn't being picked up for a long while because the other pool of threads are taking too long.

Forgive me if I sound amateur but I am from a Java background and not sure how the QueueUser... method actually works. By the sounds of it it queues work on another thread rather than creating a separate thread just for this task which isn't what I want really.

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