how to open slide menu without using action bar and masterdetailpage for android in xamarin.forms?

I want to create my own slide menu, that will open on button click in xamarin.forms. I don't want to use master detail page and action bar for it. The button will be on page and when user click on it, it should open the slide menu. Is it possible in xamarin.forms that we can open slide menu without using master detail page and action bar? If no then how we can do this?

Anand Dubey


  • LaobuLaobu USMember ✭✭

    A Slideover menu for Xamarin Forms can be implemented using pure core functionality (Grid, layers and Translate animation). Take a look at

    The demo is for a Slide Up menu but the principles are easily implemented for any direction, animation or final position.

    Any questions, let me know,

  • volzvolz Member
    edited February 2018

    im fairly new to c# and xamarin i would like to have to have a pull out menu on 1 page. but am finding your code to be a bit to advance for me to easily under stand. would you mind describing what you are doing ? also when i try to build your project i get a lot of "the name METHOD does not exist in the current context" so i can not run it and try to see what is going on. do i need to download more files from git to get it to work ?

    thank you

    may be i should have look at the folder i downloaded a bit more before posting........very good documentation !

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