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Websockets.Pcl : Unified Websocket interface for all .Net platforms

WebSocket.Portable is a PCL Profile 259 C# implementation of the WebSocket protocol.

The motivation for this project was three part :

1) Having a completely different websocket implementation on every platform is a pain.

2) OkHttp.Ws Crashes with a fatal signal 11 if you loose internet

3) My original Mono implementation did not support TLS or SSL

This project is a binding library that makes use of native websockets to get around the limitations and jank of mono based websockets. On IOS I use SocketRocket because it works fine. On Android I wrote a custom binding library in Java and use AndroidAsync. On the WP8 we wrap around Websockets4Net. On the other platforms we wrap the default MSDN implementation. Really the most valuable part is the android implementation... but why not unify ?

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