How do i make a request to Flickr without having to use an Account object?

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So i am trying to make a request to Flickr to get the feed of a charity I am making an app for.
I am using the Xamarin.Soial component, but when i go to make the request to the given URI i get an exception saying that,
"You must specify an Account for this request to proceed".

But i don't want the user of the app to have to have a Flick account and then sign in using it to simply get the image feed of the charity? And the Fickr api doesn't say you need any kind of authentication past the app being registered with them.

Is there a way to make this request without specifying the account object?

My code where the error is being created:
List<SocialMediaResult> currentList = null; var request = flickr.CreateRequest("GET", new System.Uri("my uri")); await request.GetResponseAsync ().ContinueWith (responce => { string mail = responce.Result.GetResponseText(); Data result = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<Data>(mail); currentList = result.Feed; });

The error is being thrown on the GetResponseAsync() line of the code.



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