Xamarin Studio iOS Designer never loads xib file

I'm running Xamarin Studio on OSX. My project is built primarily with Xamarin.Forms however there is a splash screen .xib file that displays the name of the app and a copyright notice when the app loads up. Every time I try and open the .xib file in Xamarin Studio the iOS Designer tab opens up and then sits with the spinning 'loading' symbol and the actual view never displays. I've succeeded in opening the .xib using XCode so I know the file is ok. Unfortunately I'd like to include some resources from the Xamarin project in the xib and have no idea how to edit the xib in XCode to successfully load resources in the Xamarin project.

I'm using Xamarin Studio 5.10.1 (build 6) and have XCode 7.2 installed.

I've seen reports of this issue from October 2015 which seemed to have been fixed by (at the time) Beta builds. I'm assuming those Beta builds are now part of the stable release I'm using. I've also seen reports of error messages associated with the failed loading of .xib files but have no idea where to find them...

Any help would be appreciated!

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