App not starting up. Assertion in metadata/threads.c


I've got quite a strange issue with rk3188 based incur device. It was running fine with my app, but suddenly the app stop working and never started again.

I think this is something happened with device itself, because another xamarin app runs fine!

Here is part of log I see when starting bad app:

01-28 11:15:38.853 22526 22526 D dalvikvm: Added shared lib /data/app-lib/ 0x41bee898
01-28 11:15:38.903 22526 22526 W libc    : WARNING: generic atexit() called from legacy shared library
01-28 11:15:38.983 22526 22540 F         : * Assertion at /Users/builder/data/lanes/monodroid-mlion-monodroid-4.20-series/812ca135/source/mono/mono/metadata/threads.c:4423, condition `field' not met
01-28 11:15:38.983 22526 22540 F libc    : Fatal signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x000057fe (code=-6), thread 22540 (

I can provide full tombstone if required.

Although the problem could be with device configuration, I'm afraid if the same badness could happen with end user devices.
The only thing I remember is that old working copy of App was built with older xamarin version. It could be that after xamarin framework update and app reinstall something happened what prevents the app from starting fine.


  • IgorRusskihIgorRusskih RUMember ✭✭

    No ideas?

    Used adb shell connection, with PM removed and cleaned up packages.
    Found out that there was an issue removing the package: it still was listed as installed.
    After "pm clean" things get back and app was running fine.

  • IgorRusskihIgorRusskih RUMember ✭✭

    Unfortunately I see this issue even with Play Market deployments, in Crash reports.
    Users start updating my app from version with old xamarin to the version with latest xamarin.
    After update the app can't startup, showing

    #00 pc 00022048 /system/lib/ (tgkill+12)
    #01 pc 00013099 /system/lib/ (pthread_kill+48)
    #02 pc 000132ad /system/lib/ (raise+10)
    #03 pc 00011fe3 /system/lib/
    #04 pc 000218fc /system/lib/ (abort+4)
    #05 pc 001f3680 [CUT]

    Think that is cause by some assertion.

    It seems app removal and reinstallation helps, but that is absolutely unacceptable in production play market.

    Any ideas?

  • Any ideas?


    #00 pc 000000000004a868 /system/lib/ (tgkill+12)
    #01 pc 0000000000047fe3 /system/lib/ (pthread_kill+34)
    #02 pc 000000000001dbad /system/lib/ (raise+10)
    #03 pc 0000000000019321 /system/lib/ (__libc_android_abort+34)
    #04 pc 0000000000017388 /system/lib/ (abort+4)

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