iOS physical device is not detected in Test Recorder

I have tried 2 different iOS devices (iPhone5s (iOS 9.2.1), iPhone6 Plus(iOS9.2)) but none of them are detected in Test Recorder. I have no trouble connecting Android physical device or iOS Simulator.
What I have tried so far is:

  • turning on "Enable UI Automation"under Developer settings on the devices
  • Open Xcode, and making sure the device is shown under Window -> Devices. Then leaving Xcode open and open Test Recorder.
  • Select "Rescan for Devices" under File menu on Test Recorder.

However, I cannot see the devices in the device dropdown list in Test Recorder after trying these.

Strange thing is that I can see the devices and run Xamarin UITest using Xamarin Studio on the devices.

Have I forgotten anything to use physical iOS device on Test Recorder?

Thank you.

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