Missing SDK Error - 9.2

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I have an iOS C# Xamarin project that successfully compiled a few months ago when I last opened it, but since then I believe there have been some auto-updates to Xamarin and to Xcode, and now when I try to build I get 2 errors.

1) Could not locate the iOS '9.2' SDK usr path at '/Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/SDKs/iPhoneOS9.2.sdk'
2) Error executing task DetectSdkLocationsTask: Value cannot be null.

I have done several searches. For #2 I've found a bug report that better error messages are needed for that error and that theirs was caused by clock sync, my iMac's clock is accurate to within a few seconds.

For #1 there is a shortcut named iPhoneOS9.2.sdk in the specified folder that looks to point to iPhoneOS.sdk.

My experience with iOS & Xamarin is limited to this one app, most of which was spent trying to get the stupid storyboards working right and was done immediately after getting the iMac (just for this project) and installing Xamarin.

I'd appreciate any suggestions, search terms, or other help anyone can offer. I have a perpetual Indie license that expired in the fall. I have version 5.10.1 build 6.

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