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App not visible at home screen and application not entering into debugging mode

I posted this earlier and I resolved the problem I posted before which resulted in new issues, Here is link to my previous question

I solved the problem by specifying correctly my entry activity.
<activity android:icon="@drawable/Icon" android:label="myplano" android:name="">

Here android:name should be namespace.ActivityName.

Please note MainActivity is root activity.

If I point main activity
1) App not showing on Home Screen, Only I can open app using the URL scheme link in browser
2) After running application do not enter into debugging mode, application is just deployed to xamarin player

If I point any other acitivity everything works fine. Anyone having the same situation ever before ?


  • EmyMa341EmyMa341 USMember ✭✭
    edited October 2016

    This problem was resolved after cleaning project and restarting windows.

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