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I attended Xamarin webinar in Dec 15 where it was announced that Xamarin 4 was built into VisualStudio 2015. The same info was listed in MS features for VS2015. Based on that I bought VS2015 Pro. At some point I went through the PhoneWord_iOS sample to discover at the end "Trial period has expired" error trying to run/debug the project. I still can connect to my Mac and start simulator there and no any other errors reported, but nothing else seems possible.

Is it sort of bug in VS2015 or Xamarin addon?
Since I bought licensed product from MS, but get error from Xamarin app the question boils down to - Does it mean that I still have to buy subscription from Xamarin in ADDITION to $500 I already spent on VS2015 "with buit-in Xamarin"?


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    Xamarin is 3rd party which you can see while installing.

    I think you need a separate Xamarin license to use development with VS or XS.

    Xamarin is just added to the VS2015, But you must need a licence to use it.
    VS2015 integration with Xamarin, just helps to make the installing and setting up of xamarin environment easier, other than installing VS first and then the Xamarin next.

  • YkshLeo,
    Thank you for input indeed.
    I went through Xamarin and Microsoft sources again
    I found nothing that would suggest Xamarin subscription in addition to purchasing Visual Studio 2015.
    Some time ago I tried Xamarin as add-on to VS2012 and Mac and had no questions when it expired since I did not buy it.
    What makes Xamarin 4 different from previous versions?
    According to Xamarin CEO statement "it is built into VS2015" (approx. 5:10 min of webinar).
    Yes, there is bunch of other enhanced and advanced products/services.
    However, if I already paid for VS2015 with built in Xamarin w/o any warning I expect to get basic functionality w/o paying again.
    Otherwise it is misleading at least.
    What would you say if you buy the car for agreed price, but can not open the trunk and dealer tells you to buy separate key for that?

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    Xamarin Starter installs automatically with Visual Studio 2015, and works with Visual Studio 2012, 2013, and 2015 (including Community Editions).

    Read more @

    You get only a starter edition with VS-2015. For other licenses you must give another payment.
    VS has no connection with Xamarin, Xamarin is a 3rd party which you can see while installing Xamarin extension from VS-2015

    It's better to contact Xamarin about your complaints :

  • xydanxydan USMember

    Hi. After Buisness Trial I cannot use Starter Edition license. If I try start Xamarine project in VS, I always see that my trial is expired, however when I start login, I pointed that i use Starter Edition. Whats wrong?

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    Even if it shows like that (TRIAL-EXPIRED) you are system will have starter edition, i think so.

    But I think you can't work on Xamarin.Android in VS using a Starter Licence.

    I assume at least you need a Xamarin Indie Licence for Xamarin in VS

  • xydanxydan USMember

    Thanks for answer, YkshLeo.
    Very strange, because before Business Trial, I`m worked in Starter Edition with Android... And now, when I click on use Starter Edition, I can use it until I unloaded VS. When I again load VS, I see the same picture with trial-expired.
    And now, if I want use Starter Edition I have to do the same....

  • YkshLeo, Thanks again for your input.
    However, again the link you provided says nothing about trial period.
    It mentions that in VS2015 Starter Edition runs automatically and works with older versions.
    It is not technical issue, but marketing and border line legal.
    After spending $500 on VS2015 with built-in Xamarin because of it in the first place I end up w/o it.
    If Xamarin is in business to help Microsoft they reached the goal, but I have serious concerns about reliability of Xamarin.
    Who knows what else they "forgot" to tell me before disabling their product incorporated into another licensed commercial (not trial) product.
    Let it be limited in what you can do (simple controls, no db connection, etc.), but do not trap me with "give me more money, man".

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