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After installation of Xamarin Plugin in VS2012 IntelliSense does no more work for C++ projects


I recently installed Xamarin Plugin for VS 2012 and played around with some demo Projects for Android.

Now I've detected that in my existing C++/MFC Projects (which are in separate SLN from Android Projects) IntelliSense does no more work correctly:

Even basic things like

include "stdafx.h"





are no more found/understood by IntelliSense.

But in spite of this builds of that projects are successful
-> it seems to be a problem only for IntelliSense, not for Compiler/Linker

Xamarin plugin seems to have garbled some project/SLN independent settings of my VS 2012 Installation.

Any hints how to solve this and make my existing VC++ Projects work again as before installation of Xamarin plugin are highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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