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Is there a fairly easy way to do some basic vector graphics, preferably from a PCL?


Apologies for the general nature of this question, but I am somewhat bewildered by the number of options I found when I started looking for a way to draw some graphics in a Xamarin.Forms application.

My current requirements are fairly basic. I just want to be able to draw some simple vector graphics, ideally contained within a standard ContentPage. Even more ideally, it would be nice if the code, or most of it, could go in a PCL. I don't at the moment require 3D or high performance.

One option that popped to mind (but may be way overkill) is the possible 'inclusion' of a Cocos2D 'game' into my existing project.

I guess I am looking for a way in here, to try to avoid days of experimenting with dead ends? Can anyone recommend a good starting point?

Kind wishes ~ Patrick

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