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No iOS Class in add new item for Visual Studio 2015

ejkejk CAMember

I am following the steps in the Windows Hello,iOS example at,_iOS/hello,iOS_quickstart/

When I get to step 18, there is no iOS class to choose from. See attached image. Look at the image in step 18 and you will see I am missing iOS. All other steps work without issues (connecting to Xmarin, selecting an iPhone project, choosing iPhone6 format etc). The tools to connect to my Mac work, I can launch the simulator etc.

I have uninstalled Xamarin 3 times now and rebooted in between. I am at a complete loss here. I followed all of the instructions on how to do a complete removal and clean install. Still no luck. How can I add iOS to this menu?

I am running Windows 10 latest updates and VS 2015 Pro inside a Parallels VM under OS X 10.11.2. Downloaded the latest Xamarin from website.


  • ejkejk CAMember

    This is a documentation error as confirmed by Xamarin. They are going to fix the instructions for step 18.

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