Resource class does not contain access to Raw resources

Hello, I'm trying to get to package a .db3 file to use it for my application.

After reading the documentation I read that I needed to put a "raw" subfolder inside the "Resources", and inside this subfolder, put my .db3 file

Here is the result :

However, the Resource.Designer.cs file does not contain any reference to this file, there is not even a "Raw" subclass inside

How can I make Xamarin detect the change and rebuild the file to include "raw" subfolder?

Thank you



  • AichanAichan BEMember

    After playing with the IDE a little bit, I found the solution !

    Right click on the tec.db3 file, "Build Action" (Or I assume it is, my IDE is not in english) -> "AndroidResource" and it's now in the Resource.Raw class !

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