Why doesnt the desinger show my UIView in the correct location

I have a View that contains several labels buttons text boxes and one image. I have set all the constraints and all the items within the view appear to be positioned correctly. However, the bottom of the view itself does not appear to be rendered correctly. As you can see from the screen shot and list of constraints I have posted, I believe I have it set so only the txtRoomFilter textbox has a constraint to the bottom of the view and the value of that constraint is set to 4. You can also see that the top space constraint of vwRefreshDevices to vwFiltersandProfiles is set to 0. So what I expect to see in the UI is a space of 4 between the bottom of the textbox and the bottom of the vwFiltersandProfiles and the top vwRefreshDevices butted directly up against the bottom of vwFiltersandProfiles. However, you can see that the space between the bottom of the text box and the bottom of the vwFiltersandProfiles is larger than 4 and the top of the vwRefreshDevices actually overlaps vwFiltersandProfiles by 4. I believe this is a defect that I would like to have addressed or I would like to be provided with details of what I am doing incorrectly.

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