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Scheduling Component for Xamarin

IvaPanayotovaIvaPanayotova BGMember ✭✭

MindFusion has released a beta version of its Xamarin Scheduling component. It offers the full set of features needed to create compelling platform-independent calendars, timetables, event schedules and many more. The control fully supports recurrent events, in-place editing of items, scrolling as well interactive creation and modification of items. Developers can optimize the appearance of their app with some of the built-in visual effects. The custom drawing functionality gives you flexibility in presenting calendar data exactly the way you need. The library is engineered for high performance and offers variety of properties to customize every detail of the schedule.

You are welcome to try the beta version, which contains the assemblies of the component, help reference and the following sample projects:

  • CustomDrawElements
  • Effects
  • Holidays
  • ListView
  • MilestoneItems
  • Recurrence
  • Zones

Download link:

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