"Building from a network share path is not supported at the moment" VS error message for iOS build

I recently upgraded to Xamarin 4. Created a new XF project. Now just trying to build the iOS project (I am running parallels on my MacBook Pro). Whenever I do so, I get the following message...

Any suggestions? How would I change the location of the project now that it already exists?


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    Yep - it's been that way since Xamarin 4 :(
    Map a network drive and you'll be up and running again - just remember to open your code from the network drive every time...

    FYI I'm also getting frequent build failures which I can only get rid of by using the Xamarin Studio add in to obliterate output files. VS2015 frequently hangs if I don't do this before I open the solution.

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    As per the error message, you can either:

    (a) "Map a network drive" for the \\psf\home\... path. See for example http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/create-shortcut-map-network-drive.


    (b) Copy the entire solution folder to a local directory on the Windows VM such as C:\source.

    (See also Bug 37708 for some additional background information on the error message.)

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