Image Content - Memory usage etc.

So I have been trying to minimize my memory usage.

Essentially, I have two large background images that are used for a scrolling background. This is what I am using for my tests. This question is for general image content and other resources.

On an Android device:

  • the .png files are about 2 MB each
  • just add them to the Android project directly.
  • My Stats say I am using 29 MB of memory (this includes a bunch of other sprite sheets by the way)

Now, if I take those same images and use MonoGame Pipeline to build them to .xnb files.

  • the .xnb files are about 10.2 MB each <-- WHAT !!!
  • replace the .png's with the .xnb's
  • My Stats now say I am using 49 MB of memory <-- Another WHAT!!

I also can not figure out how to get PvrCompression to work with MonoGame Pipeline. I am using "Color" texture format because anything else looks really bad.

The documentation for MonoGame Pipeline makes Xamarin CocosSharp documentation look like the Encyclopedia Britannica.

I have also been trying to compress my images with TexturePacker, but this is a whole other thing.

So a few questions.

1) My tests seem totally counter intuitive. Am I doing something wrong?
2) Is there somewhere where I can find information on best practices for CocosSharp content and MonoGame Pipeline usage?

If anyone can shed some light on all of this, I will write something up for the community. Seems like the CocosSharp resources and reference are really lacking.

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