Problem with Facebook login using MVVMCross and Xamarin.Auth

Hey guys,

I'm kinda new to Xamarin and i'm kinda lost. I'm trying to do a simple facebook login for an Android and iOS application. Here's what i have right now.

In my PCL i have the IAuthenticationService with the simple LoginWithFacebook function

public interface IAuthenticationService
        void LoginWithFacebook();

And a simple LoginViewModel

public class LoginViewModel : MvxViewModel
        private readonly IAuthenticationService _authenticationService;

        public LoginViewModel(IAuthenticationService authenticationService)
            _authenticationService = authenticationService;

        public override void Start()
            _email = string.Empty;
            _password = string.Empty;

        private string _email;
        private string _password;

        public string Email
            get { return _email; }
            set { _email = value; }

        public string Password
            get { return _password; }
            set { _password = value; }

        private MvxCommand _loginWithFacebook;
        public ICommand LoginWithFacebook{
            get { 

                _loginWithFacebook =  _loginWithFacebook ?? (_loginWithFacebook = new MvxCommand(_authenticationService.LoginWithFacebook));
                return _loginWithFacebook;


So in my UI, when i click the login with facebook button, the LoginWithFacebool command is called. (this is working)

Since i'm not using Xamarin.Form, my Xamarin.Auth code must be in each platform specific project. I created a class that inherit from my PCL IAuthenticationService in the android project. (i'll take the android project);

public class DroidAuthenticationService : IAuthenticationService 
        public void LoginWithFacebook(){        
            var auth = new OAuth2Authenticator(
                clientId: "250154754491", // your OAuth2 client id (For FB Also called App-ID)
                scope: "email", // the scopes for the particular API you're accessing, delimited by "+" symbols
                authorizeUrl: new Uri(""), // the auth URL for the service (i.e FB, Twitter)
                redirectUrl: new Uri("")); // the redirect URL for the service
            auth.Completed += (sender, eventArgs) => {
                if (eventArgs.IsAuthenticated)
                    //Saves Token, and Calls LoginSuccess() to change Screen
            Mvx.Resolve<IMvxAndroidGlobals> ().ApplicationContext.StartActivity(auth.GetUI(this)); (this is not working)



When i'm debugging, i can go thought the android specific "LoginWithFacebook" function. But this line
Mvx.Resolve<IMvxAndroidGlobals> ().ApplicationContext.StartActivity(auth.GetUI(this)); (this is not working)
is not working and i didn't find any solution.

Since i don't have any context in this specific class, how can i call StartActivity? Should i just put this code in my LoginView in the OnCreated Method?
Also, is my architecture OK? Any input would be really appreciated.



  • pochocostapochocosta ARMember ✭✭


    I'm looking like the same thing you're doing. Have you been able to make it work?

    I will greatly appreciate your response. I've been doing a lot of research and I can not find anything about it.

    Greetings and thanks in advance!

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