Problem with tutorial codes.

BonicBonic SGMember
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Okay I just started on Xamarin Studio today, so I tried the tutorial on helloworld and I encountered 2 problems.
Problem 1:
link =
It does not work for my emulator, guy clicked on the menu button to launch the app but when I clicked mine it launch the whole menu that has a lot of apps like what you would see on a normal android phone, which was different from the youtube.

Problem 2:,_world
On the web tutorial , I followed the tutorial very closely until the last step and ran the code. An error message shows up
C:\Users\user\Documents\Projects\HelloWorld\HelloWorld\MainActivity.cs(29,29): Error CS0117: 'HelloWorld.Resource' does not contain a definition for 'Layout' (CS0117) (HelloWorld)
I check the layout code on no errors.

I have no idea on what to do, need some advice.

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