Xamarin Forms Map, MoveToRegion in custom event handler not working

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Hello everyone,
Can anyone please tell why
works in implemented events, but in a custom control the custom event is fired and the moveToRegion is called but nothing happens.

Here is the part of the XAML layout of control the control

<controls1:CarouselLayout x:Name="CarouselLayout"
                ItemsSource="{Binding Path=Doctors}"
                SelectedItem="{Binding Path=SelectedDoctor}"">
                            Command="{Binding MoveToMapRegionCommand}"
                            CommandParameter="{x:Reference mapa}" />

and in CarouselLayout.cs I declare the event like this
public event EventHandler<SelectedItemChangedEventArgs> SelectionChanged;

and in MoveToMapRegionCommand.cs I execute it like this

     public void Execute(object parameter)
                var Map = (Map) parameter;
                var doctorPos = ViewModel.SelectedDoctor.Address.Position;
                        MapSpan.FromCenterAndRadius(new Position(doctorPos.Latitude - 0.002328, doctorPos.Longtitude),

if subscribe to event for example Focused the same code works
the event is fired properly but moveToRegion as said does not do anything, I believe that the problem is in the signature of my event.
If the code is not enough, please tell me I will post the full code, the reason why I haven't done it is because the post will be too long and redundant code which doesn't affect my problem will be filled all over the place.

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