Xamarin Addin Missing Reference Namespace: MonoDevelop.Ide.Editor

I'm trying to work on an Add-In for Xamarin that uses a custom editor view similar the VersonControl default addin, but when attempting to use the MonoDevelop.Ide.Editor.TextEditor similar to DiffView I receive the error:

Error CS0234: The type or namespace name `Editor' does not exist in the namespace `MonoDevelop.Ide'. Are you missing an assembly reference? (CS0234) (ResxEditor)

I've tried adding the Addin reference to Xamarin.MonoDevelop.Ide with the same result. This reference contains the MonoDevelop.Ide reference, but doesn't seem to contain the Namespaces that should be there.

Has anyone else come across this problem or know of a fix to be able to reference these APIs?

Platform: Mac
IDE Version: 5.10.1 (build 6) - Stable Channel

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