Misbehavior MasterDetailPage on Android Tablet

I used with success the MasterDetailPage in my app for smartphone iOS and Android. The app is always in portrait mode and everything works fine: it start with the left menu closed and I can slide it in or out.

Now I am adding the Tablet functionality. The app (on tablet) is always in landscape mode and the left menu should always be open and visible. This is the default behavior and, in fact, it works very well almost everywhere without need to modify anything.

The problem is that on some ANDROID tablets the left menu can be closed and open with the slide gesture (even if the gesture is performed on the "Detail" part of the screen). I tried everything I could came up with but nothing seems to stop this behavior.

Any help or hint on how to resolve this?

To explain it better, here's a video: http://dev.mobilesoft.it/download/vid_1.mp4

The first tablet (from the right) is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 with Android version 4.2.2
The second is a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with Android version 4.1.2
The third is a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition with Android version 4.4.2 (the only one that is not showing the problem)

Thanks a lot!


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