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Problem with WorkingWithListviewNative sample

Good day, I have been using this sample for my listview implementation. It works pretty well and smooth.

see here:

My Question is can i parse a class or List as a cell property?
Here is an example:

`public class NativeCell : ViewCell
public NativeCell ()

    public static readonly BindableProperty testProperty=
    public List<string> test{
        get{ return(List<string>)GetValue (testProperty); }
            SetValue (testProperty, value);


But When I use this, it occurs an error "The type initializer for 'xxxxx' threw an exception ...". Is it possible to parse a List as a viewcell property instead of string?

Thanks for the help


  • adamkempadamkemp USInsider, Developer Group Leader mod

    Are you trying to use XAML for this property? What would that even look like?

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