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Not able to scroll the scroll view programatically on Entry fill event

I am trying to build a login form and I am using Xamarin forms for the same, for a better user experience I am adding scrollview as my root and then using the Grid controls (Attached is the Xaml for the same)

My issue is when I am running it in iPhone simulator 4S then in that case I am not able to scroll the scroll view when I tap on any text field programmatically.

Is this some sort of limitation where I cannot scroll the scroll view programmatically, I tried every link google could provide but looks like a blocker,

I tried using ScrollToAsync method but somehow it throws MissingMethodException (Please check MissingMethodException screenshot).

The Xamarin form package I am using is, I have attached the Xaml and CS file for your reference please let me know if there is more info you need on this from my end.

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