REPL querying like UITests

Wasi.HaiderWasi.Haider USXamarin Team Xamurai

Hello there!

First off, this inspector is friggin' awesome and really one of the coolest tools I have used in a while. Not sure if this belongs in XTC forums or here but whatever here goes:

I was just wondering if you guys are thinking about using the same REPL-like functions from UITests. For instance, typing the command "tree" in the UITest REPL currently shows a visual hierarchy but it is in text-form. It would be wonderful if I could type in "tree" and also see the visual tree exploded in 3D (like the Inspector currently does). Another example is it I type app.Query and it brings forward those elements visually in the inspector (kind of like what app.Flash currently does in UITests).

It's just a thought (not sure if it actually makes sense with respect to inspector/UITests). What do you guys think?

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