Promote Michael Hutchinson & support ASP.NET development

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I hope that I haven't missed something but, I'd once again, like to recommend that ASP.NET development be a first-class component of the Xamarin Platform.

I, and colleagues have built a number of mobile apps and every one has required access to a server-side services - built successfully using Xamarin on mono.

A read another forum post that suggested that Michael's time spend on the ASP.NET support was his own, outside of core Xamarin work. I'd like to support promoting that effort to full time or to find a full time candidate.

Microsoft Visual Studio Code look promising but, I'm greedy, I want it all - C#, JS and CSS inteli-sence, easy deployment AND my mobile apps all in the same solution using the same data models. That sounds like Xamarin Studio to me.

Michael Thwaite.

(President: Michael Hutchinson fan club)

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