How can i read ms access database file .accdb

How can i read and write data to ms access database .accdb file from android app.



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    Just like you would in standard C# by using the OleDbConnection.

    See here:

    So for example:

    OleDbConnection con = new OleDbConnection("Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=C:\\Temp\\Testdatabase.accdb");

    Where Microsoft Access 2007 = ACE 12; Microsoft Access 2010 = ACE 14; Microsoft Access 2013 = ACE 15

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    Want to know how can you easily fix your corrupt .accdb file? Well for this I have a simple and easy solution i.e try access inbuilt tool.

    Solution: Compact and Repair Database.

    You can take the help of an inbuilt tool, this tool is able to deal with corruption in large size database file. Via this tool you can also reduce the size of database file firmly. Apply the below steps to repair MS Access Database.
    Step 1: Open the Microsoft Access program and click on the Database Tools tab
    Step 2: Click on Compact and Repair Database.
    Step 3: In the Database to Compact From dialog box -> browse the MS access database file and choose the file(s) and then click on Compact.
    Step 4: After it, you have to create a fresh database in the Compact Database Into dialog box. Enter the name of file and click Save button.
    For more information you can visit this post:

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    Nowadays users are frequently getting this Access 3047 “Record Is Too Large” Error. Regarding this I have the helpful source that can help you in resolving this particular error. So, get the complete info about this “Record Is Too Large” Access Error FROM THIS BELOW LINK:

    5 Instant Fixes To Resolve Access 3047 “Record Is Too Large” Error…!

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    @edwards142 said:
    Solution: Compact and Repair Database.

    Other than Compact and Repair Database, Access users can use JetComp.exe utility. It's a freeware tool provided by Microsoft to fix corrupt database. Also, there's a built-in Import feature in MS Access program that can help you import corrupt Access database into a new database. Refer this article for some useful information -


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