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issue with tabs using custom layout for tab layout using xamarin Support design components

I am using Xamarin to create android app . I want to display tabs as given in the screen shot . I used tab layout and view pager . I set the custom view for tab layout . I used the following components Android Support Design Library and Android Support Library V4 . I also created the same app using Android Java using Android Studio and it works as expected but when I used the same code in Xamarin then I came across two issues
1) There is some space in front of the divider
2) The scroll in between pages is not smooth .

I have attached the screen shot of the same app which I created using Android Studio and the xamarin studio as well .
The same style,xml etc works on android studio and not on xamarin studio . I suspect setting the custom view to tab layout is the issue . Please let me know your suggestion .


  • Matt_PerleyMatt_Perley CAMember ✭✭

    i know this is ancient at this point, but im assuming you may have an extra page being added to your tabs your not naming. i have that once by accident, check your xaml and code behind to ensure there are no extra pages being made.

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