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In what way does a NavigationController influences the 'child' ViewControllers?

thms.dwldthms.dwld USUniversity ✭✭
edited December 2015 in Xamarin.iOS

Some background; I'm developing an iOS app that streams camera video feed to a GLKView as a texture. GLKit contains some nifty classes, like the GLKViewController that makes it easier to use OpenGL. In my project I have a storyboard with a NavigationController, a UIViewController [with on top of that some labels, a button and a GLKView], and some other controllers...
Placing the GLKView on top of a UIViewController allows me to customize the output's dimensions.
The UIViewController's class is a custom class where I add a GLKViewController. Next I add the GLKView to the GLKViewController.

Without a Segue from the NavigationController to the UIViewController, the video feed gets rendered and displayed properly on the GLKView.
With a Segue, the GLKView remains a blank [white] screen. So, somehow the NavigationController altered the GLKViewController's behavior.

Hence the question, in what way does a NavigationController influences the 'child' ViewControllers?

Edit: I forgot to mention that the Segues I'm using are Show
Edit2: For people who may come across something similar, using the Segue Show Detail [guessing this is the deprecated Replace] solved my issue.

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